Flat font for your terminal

I use the terminal extensively. Over years my screen has grown wider but not taller. I really like to be able to see a lot of lines, but I cannot read small font sizes. What to do?

I needed a font that was readable at small heights, and I was willing to trade width for the height. I found DroidSansMono which is moderately wide, but I really wanted it much wider and a bit lower.

Using FontForge I transformed DroidSansMono to be 130% wider and have less white space at the top and bottom. I call it DroidSansMonoWide. It works for me. Maybe it works for you, too?

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One Response to Flat font for your terminal

  1. pmorch says:

    Hi, I’m always on the lookout for an even better font. I’m currently using terminus http://terminus-font.sourceforge.net

    A screenshot of this font would be nice…

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