Recording long session with Samsung Galaxy S3

Today I recorded 6 hours worth of video on my Samsung Galaxy S3. I used a thin tripod with a mobile phone mount. That worked great. I asked the organizer if recording was prohibited. It seems it is harder to say “Yes it is prohibited” than say “No that is not allowed”, so I recorded the session.

I have a 32 GB SD card so space would not be an issue; at least that is what I thought. But the card broke down (fsck failed), and I had forgotten to bring a MicroSD to SD-card adapter, so I could not just fix it on my GNU/Linux laptop. Instead I had to rely on the internal memory of the phone, so I had to adjust the quality to 1 Mbps which is around 1 GB/hour.

I had brought a extra battery and a USB-battery pack. The extra battery was not important, but the USB-battery pack worked brilliantly. It was connected to the phone during must of the time.

What I would do next time:

  • Bring an extra empty MicroSD card
  • Have an MicroSD card adapter in the laptop
  • Bring USB-battery pack and cable
  • Find a way to stream+upload using wifi directly
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