Python with braces

I have tried using Python for more serious work, but has been thrown off by its forced whitespace indentation. In Emacs I want to press TAB and get to the correct indentation level – no matter the code, so I have several times tried looking for a way to add braces to Python.

I would prefer if my preference for braces did not affect people who do not like braces, so I would like a conversion between the two systems. It could be an Emacs package, that fixed the braces after loading/before saving, so the saved file always contained whitespace, but the loaded file would be with braces.

I have now found a few projects that try to implement braces.

Pybraces – tested 2017-06-29


  • Nothing


  • fails.

Python-with-braces – tested 2017-06-29


  • Nothing


  • failed to compile.

Bython – tested 2017-06-29


  • Simple programs work.
  • Shebang works.
  • Compiling to no-braces (-c).


  • Mixing with indented code fails.
  • No way of converting no-braces => braces.
  • No man page.



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